Rachel Hunter Has Found Herself A Young Studling

  1. [​IMG]
    The 37-year-old former model could be sending a message to her geriatric ex, Rod and fiancée Penny Lancaster that she still has what it takes to snag a man thirteen years younger.

    Rod Stewart's ex-wife was spotted smooching 24-year-old ice hockey star, Jarret Stoll on Miami beach.
  2. WOW...he looks much older than that!
  3. she has such a great body
  4. good for her but the guy doesn't look that much younger..I guess Rachel looks younger for her age may be..
  5. great bod! :p
  6. Way to go Stacey's Mom!!
  7. That guy looks like Lance Armstrong to me~
  8. Jarret is a farm boy from Canada. He's very lucky to have found Rachel. We see Rachel at the hockey games in Edmonton once in awhile. She is very beautiful. They've been together since last Spring or Summer.
  9. I've never been a fan of hers.:s And he DOES look like Lance in that pic!:nuts:
  10. He looks way older than 24...eeks!
  11. good for her! I think she's hot :smile:
  12. hehhehehe, gotta love hockey men....aaoooooooo.
  13. ^^^Yep!!
  14. I can see why she'd go for him. Good for her!
  15. a great body for a 37 year old and an OLD face for a 24 year old!