Rachel Hunter Debuts New Line While Slamming Beyonce

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    Rachel Hunter is usually the one showing off new collections, but the statuesque 37-year-old called on a few fellow professionals this week to help her launch her new swimwear range.

    While in her native New Zealand, the catwalk queen presented her new Lola line, which combines catwalk couture with beach culture.

    During the big event, Rachel slammed sexy songstress Beyonce for shattering the hopes and aspirations of young girls who dream of becoming models. "For years now we have seen people on the covers of magazines that aren't models, they are actresses and it's disappointing," she said. "Sports Illustrated this year had Beyonce Knowles on the cover. What's left for young girls to aspire to if they want to be models?"
  2. ^I imagine that is the same thing aspiring actors say when a model gets a part in a movie or video.:shrugs:
  3. ^^You're right shoegal. It goes both ways I guess. I wondered if models were bitter toward Beyonce though. Interesting that Rachel Hunter came out and voiced her opinion!
  4. Exactly ! It works both ways. :yes:
  5. Beyonce on the cover of Sport Illustrates is still a joke to me.
  6. How about they aspire to be something other than a model? Afterall how many supermodels can their be and really what is a model? You have to want to do and be something else someday anyway I would believe. Modeling isn't 'forever'......
  7. Beyonce was beautiful on the cover and in the layout inside. Looks better than Rachel IMO...perhaps that's why she is so mad?? Rachel really isn't that great looking . Heidi is very beautiful and Rachel is not Heidi or Beyonce.
  8. yeah, my world was certainly shattered...:rolleyes:

  9. I never thought of putting her on the cover but I am glad they did. There aren't many African-American models so the pickings were slim so I am glad they thought outside of the model box in order to put a woman of color on the mag. cover. I think its great and she looked great.

  10. :rolleyes: Oh please!
  11. I agree:yes: . Rachel needs to concern herself with her little bathing suit line and stop worrying about what someone else is doing with their career.
  12. I personally kind of see where she is coming from. I miss seeing models on the covers of magazines.
  13. Well, if actresses shouldn't be models, should models necessarily be fashion designers? :p
  14. ^^^good one! I think she just said all of that because her new swim line was coming out and she wanted some kind of drama about it.
  15. I'd appreciate actresses on the cover of magazines more if they were closer to a 4 or 6 rather than a 2.