Rachel Comey Sandals

  1. I am going crazy looking for the Black Leather Quiver sandals with the yellow leather strap. Just wanted to know if anyone has seen them in any stores?? They are no longer on the Anthropologie website. They are the ones with the two black straps/ buckles around the foot and the yellow strap near the ankle. Thanks so much.
  2. just wanted to spread the Rachel Comey love… therefore, bump! :smile:

    I'm eagerly awaiting my first pair, the "Intermission heels" from Anthro.
    I looked everywhere else, but I guess she's not that well-know yet, is she?

    I know she does killer mens shoes, too.

    Are there more fans out there?
  3. Can't help you with the sandals but I love Rachel Comey!

    If I can still get a pair of the Navy Bowline boots in my size by graduation (late June) I'm gonna treat myself. pics here

    I love her mens shoes. Mens shoes in general are beautiful but hers especially. I also love the little skorts she's just released in her clothing range. Blergh money.
  4. WOW those are great booties!!!
    I'm starting to feel an addiction growing already…! I just wish her shoes would be sold anywhere in Europe. I have to pay tons of custom fees…
  5. I just bought the bowline booties I posted about!

    On sale this weekend from here:

    I'm so excited. My first pair of Rachel Comeys :biggrin: What an exciting day.

    Am also getting these (sorry for long url):

    Some of the reviews say the quality isn't that good but $30!!!

    I'm going to be glued to my mailbox.