Rachel Bilson's scarf

  1. Ooo, this scarf looks gorgeous. I'm new to Chanel so I can't help but I'd love to know more about it too!
  2. Don't know much about the scarf... I'm sure it's gorgeous but I don't like the way Rachel tied it on...looks sort of sloppy. Just my opinion!
  3. there is another post asking about the same scarf but it was on LiLo. Girls, looks like its time to start some searching. lol I wonder if Chanel has these available yet. havent been to the Chanel store to start checking
  4. loving it the grey more so than black on lindsey lo.
  5. she looks sooo cute....i want those sunglasses of hers!
  6. Yeah I saw that scarf...I didn't think it was the same one though(thar's why I started a new thread) oops...They can close this thread if they need to.

    I'm going to Chicago this weekend so I'll check NM & Chanel there and let you guys know if I find it!
  7. That's so cute. I wonder if it's warm too.
  8. Soooo cute!! I need to stay away from the forum because it makes me want too many things!!