Rachel Bilson's sandals - anyone know the brand?

  1. http://popsugar.com/gallery/97172?page=0,0,3

    I used to have a similar pair, but had to retire them recently. :sad: Have been searching for a replacement ever since, but for some reason that toe-strap is hard to come by in a black flat sandal. The ones Rachel is wearing are the closest I've come. Would be so grateful if anyone could help!
  2. You're so lovely to post those for me - thank you! :smile:

    I have seen those before and they are close, but they don't have the same crossover toe strap as Rachel's, which is what my old ones had as well. So frustrating!!

    But I really appreciate you taking the time to post!
  3. I found out what they are! They're the Coach Rhea sandal. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued though, so they will not be easy at all to get a hold of. There are some on eBay now. I called Coach, and they are completely sold out nationwide in my size (6). I don't know what size you are, but you might have better luck.
  4. OMG - THANK YOU!!!:yahoo:

    I called Coach but no luck. But I'll check out eBay - thanks!