Rachel Bilsons dress is actually American Apparel

  1. So on a site called celebritystyleguide they say that Rachel Bilsons dress is by RILLER AND FOUNT sold at Singer 22 BUT i found the EXACT color and exact style of the dress at American Apparel online!! So I ordered it and guess what it is the SAME dress as hers! So its not Riller and Fount at all! They lied.. Here is the link to the american Apparel one and a picture of her wearing it!!! its the cutest dress ever by the way!

    the color of the dress is asphalt
  2. omg that's so funny... but what are the other two links?
  3. more pictures of her in the dress from the side and such
  4. Neat! LOVE her boots!!!
  5. Oh LOVE the dress. I heard or read she support sthis company a lot. Think I'm going to have to buy this one too! :tup: I wonder how the burgundy and royal blue look on?
  6. cute dress and only $32 ! :wtf:
  7. cute dress is right!
  8. The more purple one that she is wearing is AMAZING. i swear this dress is super super cute!!! seriously order it! i lovvvvveeee mine! i get so many compliments and the pockets are so cute
  9. how does it fit? i feel that AA runs small. i am too lazy to go to the store.

    nevermind...i see that it is one size.
  10. It fits great TRUST ME. You can wash it and it will fit you nicely. It stretches very nicely
  11. How does the material fare? I've read the reviews on the AA website.. doesn't look too good :sad:
  12. I just ordered a cardigan from AA and I'm so excited to get it.
  13. actually the material of this dress is super super soft and amazing i swear i love it lots