Rachel Bilson's Chanel~which model is this?

  1. Rachel has my beloved Chanel metallic luxury bowler which I missed out on :crybaby:but hope to find eventually again....BUT she also has this one too...can anyone give me a style name for it, is it this year's style? Thanks!
  2. it looks to be from the Vintage LIgne. . . a tote but not the tote I see on here sometimes and the one I'm waiting on.
  3. Its the solf vintage ligne bucket tote - it hasn't come out yet, so you could def. get on the list for it!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. oooh oooh oooh Japs! I MUST get on the list for it. Do you know how much retail is and where I should call? Thanks! I'd love to get this and the metallic bowler (eventually and not at once yikes, my poor wallet is on FIRE just thinking of it lol).
  5. I wouls call the Chanel 800 number (18005500005) They can track it down if you describe it. I don't know if Chanel boutiques are carrying it, but you can get the pricing and model number info from them. Once you have that you can also call the dept. stores - good luck - I have the black zip top tote (it was 1995 pre-tax)
  6. It is style number A33458 from the Cloudy Bundle collection. It retails for a whopping $2295.

    It also comes in an east/west size (shorter, more horizontal) for $2195. I have my eye on this one! But not for immediate purchase, sadly.
  7. Just called Chanel 800 number. The CS associate verified that the bag is on order at most Chanel boutiques (believe she said it comes in black, pink, off-white, and beige). Am really liking this one!

    You can be added to a wait-list by calling the 800 number.

    Roey, Thanks for the model number...it made calling very easy!
  8. Roey, do you have the style number for the east-west version? Thanks
  9. A33456 - Nordstrom is ordering white, black and beige. 2 of the white, 5 of the black, 4 of the beige. In the Rachel size, they're getting only beige and black - 2 and 3 respectively. If you don't have a Nordstrom in your state, call the Downtown Seattle store and wait-list with Denise Junell, the Chanel Department Manager. You'll save sales tax. I always order with Denise since my state does not have a Nordstrom.

    The east/west version is not as deep. If it was in stock I would buy it as the exchange for the Muse. The bag I got in exchange is not the cerf as I originally planned; I fell in love with something else I never expected to, but I'll save it as a surprise until it arrives next week. My s/a is ringing it up on tax-free weekend Saturday. Yeah, a detour from this thread, but I'm so very excited about a new Chanel bag!
  10. Thanks!!!!:heart: :heart:
  11. Roey, I am a bit confused ..... Do you know what the difference is between the A33455 and A33456? Can't wait to see your new purchase!
  12. The A33455 is a hand-held doctor style bag. It kind of reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Bowler. It's the same shape - short handles, quilted leather, zipped top that goes down the sides of the bag. It's not as nice as the tote styles.

  13. Thank you so much. I put my name down on the waitlist for the A33456. I am not good at waiting......but it looks like it's going to be worth it!:P
  14. I keep coming back to the thread...I am really liking the "Rachael" version!
  15. Me too, SoCal. I like it much better than the vintage ligne tote with the outside pocket. This one looks classier.