Rachel Bilson: Wearing Eskimo Pajamas (Candids): (09/??/06)

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  2. she looks really cute!! i love the pj's!
  3. in public?
  4. cute at home, but not out in public I think.
  5. Really cute! :love: For home use though... :lol:
  6. Umm.. normal people don't do this, why should celebs think it's also okay ?!
  7. She has a great ass!! LOL
  8. adorable....too warm for LA though..
  9. I was thinking the same thing :lol:
  10. Maybe she went camping?
  11. that is so cute.. that is something I can wear.. hehe
  12. her jammies look so cool, nice with her uggs.
  13. She's actually on the set of a movie in that picture so it's probably either the movie or she's just relaxing between scenes.
  14. oh, that is so cute! i would totally wear the top out.
  15. She does look cute