Rachel Bilson telling jokes

  1. This is part of the promotion of the new movie "The Last Kiss" starring Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson. She's too cute! And of course, I love him! :heart:

    Telling Jokes
    YouTube - Rachel Bilson Driving Around - Last Kiss EXCLUSIVE

    Trying on Clothes
    YouTube - A day in the life of rachel bilson - shopping

    Washing the Dog
    YouTube - zach braff and rachel bilson

    And the trailer for "The Last Kiss" Love the soundtrack already.
    YouTube - The Last Kiss trailer
  2. she's so cute! haha

    i love the snail joke~
  3. she's so sweet :smile:`
  4. LOL That is totally my humor. Guess that's what I get for spending so much time with kids!!
  5. She is so cute.I love her jokes...although some were abit corny...but she's too cute to be mean.
  6. aw the site is down - cant wait to see funny funny rachel haha
  7. Thanks for sharing, she's definitely a cutie patutie!
  8. oh, i love her. she's sooo cute, especially when she's talking!
  9. love that snail joke, so rubbish yet so funny at the same time. Can't wait for the film looks good
  10. Lol! That was such a cute joke! Thanks for sharing!!