Rachel Bilson Style Thread

  1. Friday (July 6) in Los Angeles.

  2. I love her style on the show; here are a few stills ;)
    hart_of_dixie7.jpg Hart_of_Dixie_1x01.jpg Hart_of_Dixie_1x03.jpg Hart_of_Dixie_1x06.jpg Hart_of_Dixie_6.jpg
  3. ^Oh, I just love that black jacket!
  4. ^Thank you! I'm constantly distracted by the great pieces she's got on the show!
  5. Does anybody know where the blue dress, she is wearing a straw fedora, is from? Or is this an old photo?

    Thanks :smile:

    Realize it doesn't show photo. it is on the 2nd page of the forum, blue dress, fringe boots, straw fedora
  6. Saturday (July 7) in Old Town Pasadena, Calif.

  7. Out shopping in LA yesterday.

  8. Tuesday (July 10) in West Hollywood.

  9. What's that new bag?
  10. Chanel Boy Tote, i believe.

  11. Thank you. It's gorgeous.
  12. Thursday (July 12) in Studio City, Calif.

  13. At Whole Foods on Friday (July 13) in Santa Monica.

  14. she is a cutie