Rachel Bilson Out And About In L.A.

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  2. Love her chanel. She looks great.
  3. She looks very reminiscent of the '70's. I love her outfit! The tucked in shirt and jeans just works for her, she's got a terrific body!

    And I also love her Chanel reissue. :drool:
  4. Heart her outfit! And just her in general, she's such a cutie.

    I want her bag too...
  5. She's adorable!
  6. She looks very cute!
  7. She's by far my favorite female celebrity....she looks fabulous!!
  8. Yup, great outfit. I will be imitating this look soon I think! She's a pretty girl.
  9. i think shes so awesome! she always has the nicest outfits on!!!
  10. she looks amazing!
  11. I like her outfit.
  12. she looks great. also love her bag.
  13. Nice bag & pretty girl
  14. someone pm me and tell me what jeans those are pretty please
  15. I love everything about her outfit - inspires me to work harder at the gym. :tup: