Rachel Bilson @ ‘Jumper’ Premiere

  1. Rachel Bilson glitters in gold at the premiere of her new sci-fi film Jumper at the Ziegfeld Theater on Monday in New York City.
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  2. Love the gold dress!
  3. Cute :heart:
  4. she looks lovely!
  5. very pretty as usual.

    i hope the movie will be successful.
  6. she kind of reminds me of my cousin if you can believe that. she looks great.
  7. Gorgeous as always!
  8. She looks beautiful on that dress, is she really the girlfriend of hayden???
  9. Her make-up seems a little off with the dress, but she's amazingly gorgeous and so is the dress.
  10. She always looks so pretty... love her!
  11. Rachel looks soooo pretty as always; and I love her dress!
  12. she is so awesome...i love her
  13. I've never seen her act but I think she's much more beautiful than most of the "more popular" young starlets out there who aren't that talented IMO and get much more work.
  14. who is she?:confused1:
  15. i love rachel bilson, she ALWAYS looks gorgeous!