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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. She looks so pretty and cute
  3. She looks great!
  4. [​IMG]

    This just doesn't look good to me, way to low..
  5. I don't like these at all! LOL!
    She's SUCH a cutie pie and these photos are not capturing her natural beauty IMO, they look a little forced to me.
  6. Well, I like the third picture, actually, but I laughed about the first. She looks brrr COLD. Gotta warm those little guys up. ;) ;)
  7. She's an exotic little beautie cutie!
  8. I love Rachel Bilson, but I am not a fan of the makeup in the first pic. I think she is prettier than that! The makeup looks too caked on and matte.
  9. cute girl! although i think she looks better in teen vogue pics! so much fresher and more her self.
  10. Call me crazy but I'm not liking too much this pictorial. Even though I think she is an attractive girl and very cute this some how doesn't seem like it suits her.
  11. Shes such a cutie! I love her. :smile:
  12. ohhh i like her!!!
    so cute...esp the third pic and that dreess//wooo:supacool:
  13. stunnningly beautiful
  14. i love rachel bilson! she's so cute!! and the fact that she's not 5'8" makes me feel much better, hehe.
  15. She looks beautiful!
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