Rachel Bilson going to Best Buy in L.A. (01/01/07)

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    Looks like she is with her little sister and has purchased a television. :smile: I feel like we haven't seen any new Rachel pics in a long time. I missed her.
  2. Oooh shes so cute. love her!!
  3. She is gorgeous!
  4. Where is Adam... I WANT them together!!!! I love her, so petite and cute!
  5. So pretty.
  6. I love her!
  7. I read somewhere else that she had finished moving out and then went to best buy for a shopping spree
  8. love her!!!
  9. she is so cute:biggrin:
  10. I did love her and Adam together.. why did they hafta go breakup? :crybaby:
  11. So adorable!! I love her!!
  12. Thanks for sharing, I lurve her! Still sad Adam and her brokeup.
  13. she's darling! i love these pics
  14. She really is adorable.
  15. She looks fabulous, even shopping in sweatpants! She's so cute!