Rachel Bilson goes out for lunch with Hayden Christensen (03/14/07)

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    Does anyone know if Rachel and Hayden are dating? :smile:

    source: superiorpics
  2. I heard they're a couple. They look very cute together.
  3. ITA, that would be a cute couple.
  4. does anyone know who adam brody is dating now?

    i think rachel and hayden are a cute couple, but i miss her and adam. oh well. romance is unpredictable.
  5. I love her and he's cute!!!!
  6. I'm watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith right now on HBO and the guy in the photos doesn't really look like Hayden Christensen....?
  7. ^ i think it looks like him, but i'm not a die-hard hayden fan so i can't say for sure. i know that rachel and hayden are working on a film together though so it makes sense it would be him. :smile:
  8. i want rachel and adam back :crybaby:
    they're the cutest thing ever...

    and OMG!!!! rachel's carrying the coco cabas chanel.
    I :heart: it :drool:
    she's sooo cute with her dress and bag, i really like her style


  9. I think they're both cute! But does anyone know why she is wearing a moo-moo?
  10. i am a die hard star wars fan, but i think hayden is :yucky: . rachel is too cute....
  11. I think Rachel is adorable. I miss her and Adam, too! Hayden is just OK. (OT, but did anyone ever see him and his family on Eco-Challenge a couple of years ago? They didn't make it very far at all...but of course that is really hard-core outdoorsy stuff...)
  12. Rachel is so cute! Liked her with Adam though.
  13. they make one good looking couple. i adore both of them very much so.
  14. I want Hayden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I thought that was Puck from the Real World San Francisco. :shrugs: