Rachel Bilson Candids With Her Dog In West Hollywood

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  2. She is always with her dog...it's so sweet!
  3. I have a question...why is everyone in LA dressing so warmly? I live in Massachusetts and right now we are having a heat wave (yesterday it was 95!!) I have been to California several times and spent summers there and it is anything BUT cold! I just don't get it! MK& Ashley, Rachel, Katherine Heigel and more have been wrapping up in sweathers and jackets and boots...

    I just don't get it!!
  4. LaLohan you also put up the best pics.

    She looks so cute with her dog.
  5. I always think the same thing! :yes:
    I live in L.A. and it's still hot here! It's still over 80 degrees and VERY sunny...it's probably one of those fashion over comfort things...:nogood:
  6. thanks! :p
  7. Nice boots!
  8. she looks great. super cute boots and bag. also adorable dog.
  9. OT but you're lucky you still got some sun! The sun is away now and it's muggy, cloudy, and cold!

    Rachel is a doll and her dog is so cute.
  10. so cute!