Rachel Bilson & Amy Smart @ Heaven Celebrates 10 Years Benefiting The Art Elysium

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. aww.. Looking at Rachel makes me miss the oc.
  3. i know, me too.
  4. Rachel looks really stunning. Love her dress.
  5. Not digging Rachel's "Third Olsen Twin" outfit and hair, although I always think she looks lovely.
  6. Actually, I miss seeing Amy Smart around as well.
  7. They both look so stunning, but I especially love everything about Rachel's look!
  8. Rachel looks so pretty. I've always liked her, ever since the beginning of the OC.
  9. Amy Smart is such a good actress. and Rachel should have worn a different colored clutch.
  10. They're both gorgeous!!

  11. me too :crybaby: I loved that show...
  12. Love her Chanel!