Rachel & Adam Out Shopping

  1. Does anyone know that they are engaged already? Or was I the last one to know. Ohhh, I think they make such a cute couple.

    Here is a link. And whooa, its like really old news. (the article was published on oct 2004)

  2. Wow, I had no idea about this either. And I agree, they make such a cute couple!
  3. Rachel * Bilson.

    awww, I'm SO happy. They're just about the CUTEST ever.
  4. oh wow! i didn't know this either!! yay rachel and adam...hope it goes better than most hollywood relationships. :\

    i heart seth cohen!! if he were real and i were in high school i would have such a huge crush on him. :smile:
  5. Aww.. too cute, I think they're adorable together !
  6. I love them together! They kept it very low key that's for sure! This didn't make the tabloids??? I thought US Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style knew it all??? I read those regularly:shame:
  7. They are cute, I hope they fare better than Sophia Bush and Chad ? that was over so quickly, kinda sad!
  8. I Love O.C. and I can't wait to see the new episodes, here the second series is just finished, we're always at least one year later than in usa, so I'd like to know what's happened after...Marissa shot Ryan's brother....
    Anyway I knew about the Adam&Summer couple, and I believe they're so nice...hope the love will last....
  9. AW! She's so pretty! Congrats to them.
  10. Well that's a new one. I know Adam's brothers and haven't heard anything about it. *shrugs* He and Rachel must be really good at hiding it.

  11. It's funny :blink: :blink:
    They must be really good actors to hide their relationship :cry: :P :idea:
  12. TOO cute! Good for them, I really hope this one works out!
  13. They r the cutest thing ever, adam is so hot in the geeky kind of way she's just as funny
  14. Are they engaged? I didn't know that.
  15. I didn't know that. That's cute.