Rachael Ray Magazine - 1yr Only $3.99 + More Deals*TODAY ONLY!!!!

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  1. Sorry ladies, but I get soooooo many email newsletters that it takes me quite a while to sort through them all! This was another that was in my junk folder!

    Tanga has some great magazine subscriptions available through TODAY- Monday, 2/15. These are all 1 year subscriptions.

    EveryDay With Rachael Ray Only $3.99: use coupon code: ee78

    Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine Only $5.99: use coupon code: 48c3

    Body & Soul: Whole Living Magazine Only $3.99: use coupon code: bodyandsoul

    Saveur Magazine Only $4.99: Use coupon code: saveur
  2. #2 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
  3. Thanks for posting, got the Rachael!
  4. Thanks! I got the Rachel Ray magazine too!
  5. thanks for the links. magazines are my other weakness.
  6. Thank you so much Bag!! The code for RR is still working as I just used it! GREAT deal!!
  7. Tatertot...your baby is sooooooooooo incredibly adorable! Can I have him....pleeeezzzzz???? You can have another one! LOLOL!
  8. thank you everday food still worked

  9. Awwww, thank you:hugs: Funny you say that, hubby and I were just talking today about how much we want another one. Tell ya what, you can babysit;):heart:
  10. As cute as he is, you should have at least a half dozen more!!!! As for babysitting, I'd be happy to and would promise to spoil him rotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. thanks for posting..got the saveur...
  12. I missed out on the deal. I love rachel ray mag but maybe next time. thanks anyways. keep me updated if there is another deal like that.
  13. These deals still work! Picked up Rachel Ray today. Thanks!
  14. I just ordered one, too. Thanks!
  15. Just ordered Rachel Ray for 4 years. Code still works.

    OP: Thank you sooooo very much!!!