"Raccoon Eyes" IN or OUT?

  1. Applying black eyeliner around the entire eye is IN OR OUT?

  2. On that girl, that look is always out. I don't personally line my eyes with black, but it can look really awesome on some women.
  3. OUT, i don't like it at all
  4. Out. And I think it makes your eyes look smaller and just harsh in general
  5. out - it looks so harsh. But a smuged liner (not too heavy) is much softer and complimentary to most eyes...
  6. To my raccoon eyes is when your makeup is all smeared or "melted" down, like the morning after type thing. So its OUT
  7. That's not raccoon eyes these are:
    pamelaandersonsfacekillschi-thumb-575x585-14905.jpg taylor-momsen-raccoon-eyes-2.jpg
  8. ^^ Yikes!
  9. LOL. Those are NOT raccoon eyes. Raccoon eyes are out, lining the eye entirely is in. If it's on the runway or in magazines it's in.

    Person preference doesn't dictate what's in. "I don't like it, OUT" doesn't really mean it's not in style but only your personal preference on a certain look or style.