Rabbit Vest or Chinchilla Earmuffs? Oh bother...

  1. Alright guys, I have a personal delima and I'd like everyones opinion.

    I can't decide if I want to get the chinchilla earmuffs, or the rabbit fur vest, or both. Both are hot pieces and I think they both look hot on me.

    I tried on the vest and it feels amazing. The smallest size it comes in is a 48, and that's too big for me. I'm pretty thin and it makes me look thinner than I am. The tailor said she could make it a size smaller for me, but it will take a while and quite a bit of work. I'm fine with that as long as it fits right. The SA told me that only 30 of these vests are available for the US and the 5th ave store get 2 because it's so big. So since it's so limited, I don't want to wait long to make up my mind, but I just don't know. I thought the vest had a hood on it, and so did most of the SA's because of Pharrells ad. The hood in the ad is on a different jacket that's behind him. I think the vest looks much better with a hood, IMO. It also comes in a camel brown color, and the one in the ad and at the store right now it a blue one. I thought it was black in the ad and even in person it looks black, but the book and tag say it's blue, so whatever. The vest is $4300

    The chinchilla earmuffs are so cute and sooooooo soft. I feel sad for all the lil chinchillas who died to make these, but I'm trying not to think bout it, cause I want them :crybaby:. The 5th ave store is only getting in 2 pair and I was told they are more limited than the vest. I didn't ask for many are avail. in the US though, so I don't know that number. These are $2250

    I know I want/need both of these :yes:, but I don't know what I'll wear them with. I really want them for my trip to Japan for December since it'll be so cold there.

    So what do you guys think? what's your opinions?

    I have pics from the runway show and pharrells ad below for reference
    3.jpg 00230m.jpg 00300m.jpg 00370m.jpg
  2. Vest!!! Hot Hot Hot!
  3. VEST FOR SURE!!!:love:
  4. VEST! WOW dude u are gonna beat my record of spending the most in a month and a half. HAHA! Ummm but I'd say the vest, TO BE HONEST the muffs are on the more feminine side, just my opinion, the vest would deffo look hot.BTW is that another jacket under the vest in the runway picture or are the blue sleeves I see on the vest runway picture actually PART of the vest?
  5. on the runway pic, the blue sleeves are from a different jacket, though the vest does have it's lining sticking out a bit on the edges. and yes, the earmuffs are a bit feminine, but as long as I can rock them, I don't think it matters much.
    and just to ask, what was your record for spending in amonth and a half? cause there are other things I'm going to buy next week as well as these.
  6. Yeah... I'm loving the vest more... I touched a rabbit scarf on Tuesday... and WOW. It felt orgasmic... :heart:.

  7. haha, Well first let me tell you I hadn't bought anything from them in 6 months so I made up for lost time. But I was in NY. L.A and las vegas so I bought different stuff at every store. b/w me and my brother who I share stuff with sometimes (the unisex stuff) we spent umm *blank*. HAHA, but we work with our parents so we earn most of it, not to mention we dont get special treatment at work or anything, people are always thinking we have it easy, if anything, we have it harder. but that was I belive by mid july. Funny thing is I havent bought anything since I joined this forum. Our mum and dad think we are crazy.

    *I will PM u if u truly must know haha*
  8. You're going to JAPAN? I just came back from there! What part? Didn't you say you live in NY? Well Winter in Japan is a lot nicer than it is here. I often go to Japan in the winter and I go outside with my lightest jacket. Sometimes it's better off dressed lightly because it gets so hot in the trains. Still, the Earmuffs :jammin: are SO NICE. I want the Muffler!!
  9. yes, I want to spend all of Dec in Tokyo if work will allow it. If not I'll just be there for a week over new years. I'm going to see Ayumi Hamasaki in Concert.
  10. Haha, really, that's so funny (funny, that you know her). She's very famous, hope you have fun. If you have any questions regarding Japan, let me know! :yahoo:
  11. I'd say the vest is nicer, you can probably use it on more occassions than the muffs
  12. I would go for the earmuffs . . . I feel like a pair of earmuffs is actually more practical. You can wear them every time you go outside in the cold, and they're flashy and fun. The vest, on the other hand, I feel like you can't wear as often . . . it's a big piece of clothing and it's in your face, so after you wear it one time it's like "Oh, look, it's the boy who wears that one vest all the time." It's like buying a couture gown; you can really only wear it once (at least around the same people.)
  13. oooo... good point about the vest, itgoesthere, I hadn't thought about it like that. You are right though. It's one of those pieces you can't wear that often. That's why you usually only see something like it on celebrities since they can afford to wear things only once. I'll have to think about that. I don't know why that didn't pop into my head.

  14. Very good point. Kudos. :amuse:
  15. i agree, but i hate earmuffs, firstly i think they are ugly (in general not just these) and i personally hate having things on my ears, i feel restricted. but i dont know if you feel you can rock it well then by all means go for it! I personally wouldnt get either i would spend that $$ on something that would last longer