rabbit print?

  1. I saw in a magazine a LeSportSac bag with rabbits printed all over, but it's not on the site yet. did I miss it or is it yet to come? does anyone know anything about this?

    I love rabbits, just wondering! thanks for any info :heart:
  2. I think there was a rabbit one. I remember someone mentioning it. Hopefully someone can pull up a thread. At least that's the only rabbit print I've seen

    found it... is this the rabbit print?

    oh and the lesportsac site says it releases sept 26 now
  3. bunnyville??? that one is adorable! i hope it is coming out in the US and not just a Japan exclusive! my nickname is bunny :p
  4. that's funny my nickname is bunny too. i really like the bunnyville print.
  5. :biggrin: yay, I did a little search for bunnyville and that's exactly what I was talking about! since I saw the bag in an American magazine, I don't see why Japan would be keeping it solely over there. fingers crossed.
  6. Cute cute, I would actually buy this, maybe as a clutch or small cosmetic.
  7. Yeah, I want that one. I badly need a cosmetic bag.
  8. I know that I got a fall pamphlet with my trasporto order from lesportsac and it showed the fall prints that will be released. Bunnyville is suppose to be released in October.
  9. aww nice
    my middle name literally means 'rabbit'.
  10. That is awesome. As you can see in my avatar, I have a white bunny of my own and I have been looking for a cute bunny print for a LONG time. Hopefully Canada will get some but our selection of Le Sportsac is pretty lame.
  11. Bunnyville, how CUTE! I love bunnies and the proud owner of one myself (used to be two, but she died). I don't think I'd sport the print as a bag, but I definitely want a cosmetic pouch.
  12. I can see how it might be too busy for a good-sized bag, but come on...it's bunnies! maybe I'll get every single style I can get my mitts on :nuts:
  13. Oh gooooooood, I was just trying to figure out where I could get a bunnyville....I really need a laptop sleeve and a cosmetic bag....

    More waiting. Boo.