Rabbit Furlined Coat - Need help please!

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I just purchased a beautiful coat that I love love love but its lined in rabbit fur and it definitely sheds, I'm concerned because I wear a lot of dark colors and I don't want to look like I've been rolling around with me cat every time I take off the jacket. Do any of you have any experience with rabbit fur? Do you know if it will eventually stop shedding?
  2. Unfortunately not really -- its a natural fur and rabbit tends to be shed the my experiences.
  3. mine have not stopped shedding either.
  4. rabbit shed there is no way around it. if you want non shedding fur i am afraid you need to look for upscale pelts
  5. i figured as much, thanks everyone! I'll be returning the coat this weekend.
  6. I have a couple of rabbit fur jackets and coats and I have never experienced something like this. I recall I read somewhere that this might occur due to improper manufacturing of fur item.

    Maybe you should try exchanging it for another one?
  7. some rabbit fur sheds some does not - for example knitted rabbit will never shed ~~~ isn't it soooooo soft though ;)
  8. Maybe you could have a silk lining sewn over the rabbit fut. You still have the warmth of the fur but it doesn't come into contact with your clothes. Just a thought.