R u looking for l'amore,pirata,famiglia,spiggia,adio star,its all here

  1. I was at Montebello Macys. They have the most stock of tokidoki bags I have ever seen.

    Pirata-luna, gioco,canguro, ciaociao
    Adios star-zucca,stellina,canguro,ciaociao
    they got few of each, i dont know how long its gonna be like that. lolz

    There's no sign saying 25% off, but I spoke to the manager and she looked up in one of the event folders and saw that all lesportsac bags are 25% off, she doesnt even know why the sign was not up. so, yes 25%+15%.

    how come i dont see caremella in lamore? they dont make them?
  2. Yes, they do make the Caramella in L'Amore. I believe bubblesung has one. SO envious! I want one and I can't find it anywhere!!!! It's drop dead gorgeous!!


    I think only Macy's West is having the sale. Uh! I am on the east side and it really sucks knowing that you guys are getting such a great deal!
  3. ahh i want one. how come i cant find it anywhere. its so hard to find it at Macys. no denaro, no caramella.
    i've only seen some from Nordstrom.
  4. go to the virgin megastore at hollywood and highland. i was just there today and they had 4 lamore caramellas. no sale but cute.
  5. x
  6. ah darn our macys dont carry them and the one you listed dont have what I wanted :sad: boohoo lol lucky you guys who live near one that has them for sale :biggrin:

  7. what are you looking for anyway?
  8. lamore ciao and spiaggia dolce/ciao :biggrin: ..

  9. i saw lamore ciao at south bay gallerica macys.

  10. so tempted...ahh.....
  11. i'll try to pick one up for you pinkpeony if i go back, but i don't live on that side of town. chances are i won't be going back soon but you never know...
  12. do they have one with ciao/adio on both side?
  13. no idea what kind of placement there was. i wasn't really looking for a caramella so i didn't pay close attention.
  14. I have an Amore Caramella as well, I :heart: it.

    But dang, those are awesome deals on bags O__O I wish I was not on ban.
  15. Are they on sale now, or are they going on sale the 18th? I know some people have been doing pre-sales for them. I would like to call and chargesend a bag, but I don't want to have difficulties doing it over the phone. Did you happen to notice the person's name who you spoke to? Just curious in case I run into any snags.