r u in the mood for strawberries? Look at what I found on Coach Japan...

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  1. I was browsing the Japan website and I found this. They have the cutest strawberry charm. It is so YUMMY! I called JAX and it is available to order. The style no. is 92256 and the price is $30. I am getting one to go w/ my med. Choco Carly.:tup:
    The second pic below is the multi metallic hearts keyfob, style no. 92257. IDK if I'll buy it but I found it cute. It costs $48.
  2. ooooo thats a juicy beauty!!! strawberries and chocolate yummmyyy!! All you need now is a chocolate dipped strawberry from godiva..lol CONGRATS!:tup:
  3. Awww! It's soooo cute! I may have to put it on my wish list!
  4. where did you find those?? I don't see them on the japan site
  5. That would look so cute with a black bag. Maybe I need to buy a black bag so I can get that. Or if it is the right pink it would go with the tattersall pouch Im getting this weekend. It is so cute I will have to order it.
  6. I typed the letter "a" on the search box on Coach Japan and they appeared.
  7. ooohhhh I love it!!! :drool: Strawberries are my favorite!!! :love:
  8. Oh the strawberry is really cute. Do you think we can use the PCE 25% off on this?
  9. Ooooooooooh, that charm is absolutely ADORABLE!!
  10. :woohoo: Ok, I want that Strawberry!!!! Anyone have the # to order handy??? TIA :heart: :flowers:
  11. That's the first thing I thought too!
  12. The style no. is 92256
  13. I think so. As long as you have the PCE coupon and the style #, you s/b able to order it from the store.
  14. Must Have Strawberry!!!!!
  15. Those are really cute. I love the strawberry one.