R U guys sick of Roses?! then don't click here! LOL *tons of pics*


Jun 30, 2006
it's always summer here!
i was taking "what's in my bag~" pics and i got carried away. but my digi camera needed to be charged up....so i used my iphone and room was kinda dark --- so they aren't very clear pics, but here they are! as some of you guys know, i like pics.....so here they are~!!!

i got rose NF and pochette.....
i got those candles from my store before christmas!!:heart:

from the photo shoot "what's in my~" no, candles weren't in it, but i just included in it to show~!! teeheeheee....

i was trying to hurry....cuz my assistant wasn't too happy on the floor...

view from the top!

aaaaaaaa~ i LOVE this Hwaii tag! it was a part of my christmas present from my bestest tPFer friend....she's soooooooo sweet and she's the best! thank you my friend!;):heart:

more same kinda pics to come~



Jun 30, 2006
it's always summer here!
this is what i wrote in the what's in my~ thread..... my contents!
in my new Rose NF...
*rose pochette - i kept my phone, keys, tissue etc, small stuff in there
*vernis violette pochette wallet - (which was a gift from my DH, my last b-day!)
*vernis framboise agenda - with pink nails pen (also from my DH, christmas years ago!)
*vernis framboise 4-key (my car keys)
*cherry cles (with set of my DH's car keys)
*mono cigg case - my digi camera with beige inclusion phone charm (which was also a gift from my DH, christmas few years back!)
*damier long wallet - check book and misc papers
*damier azur mini pochette - my blingy HK mirror, lipgloss, HK nail cripper (very important, i get my kids nails when they are sleeping!! lol) etc...
with HAWAII luggage tag!!!! part of Christmas gift from my bestest tPFer friend, she is the best and sweetest!!:heart:;)
*honey glitter obsession sunnies (they are at least two years old.... i want new one~)
*pomme heart cles - the oldest original version, i have earphone thingie in there for my iphone & ipod
*Prada tissue case
*Prada make-up case with diapers and wipees...and hand sanitizer!

i had plastic spoons, straws, kid toys...and few change of clothes, but i took them out for photo shoot! hehe

more pics to come~



Feb 4, 2006
Congrats on your NF and pochette ... they're both gorgeous! It was so hard deciding between the NF and the speedy ... the pink lining in the NF is so cute, it definitely made the decision hard. I love this line ... so fresh and fun!


Apr 8, 2006
San Diego
I like how the roses and the NF lining aren't so bright in your pictures. If it was like that in person, I might really like the Rose Monogram. :P


Aug 19, 2008
Toronto, Canada
even though i can't afford one right now.. ( cuz i will be waiting for the graffiti).. i really enjoyed your pics...
your agenda, key holder and heart coin purse looks great with new roses items..