R these *new* Chanel sunnies???????

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  1. Anyone have any info on the Chanel sunnies Christy Turlington is wearing from the Chanel.com site?? :love: R they new??:confused1:

    If you go to eyewear. (They're the ones she's wearing in the slideshow intro). She's wearing 3 different pairs. (small lenses, square shaped, and oversized round sunnies)


    I was wondering about the square (1st pic, and 3rd pic) they're black and what looks like the camellia flower on the side in silver with CC logo in the middle of the flower.

    The oversized round shape (pic #4) sunnies have light grey arms and the frames look a bit darker charcoal color.

    I think I like the black ones better. But would like to try them both on if they're in stores already. I probably won't be able to get them til Dec. though...:tdown:OUCH! I hope they'll still be readily available then. :shrugs:

    Anyone know if they're in stores yet? Or the price, style #?

  2. Style# 4164B
    Retail $530

    It's difficult to tell from the pictures but the outside/front of the lenses have a gold reflective quality.


  3. Oooh, I really like those (but like most Chanel sunglasses, they'll look ridiculous on me :sad:).
  4. WOW!! Thx Smooth!! Those are HOT!! :sweatdrop: So, they're gold...That works!!

    So, the lenses are not black?....Or are they black, with the goldish reflection over them..

  5. These are dark brown lenses on the inside, and gold reflective on the outside.

    The one's on the website as shown on Christy Turlington are Gray w/Black lenses.

    I don't know for sure if they have Black w/Black lenses.
    4164 Chanel Sunnies.JPG
  6. ^Oh, ok.

    Thanks so much Smooth!!!!!!!:yes:

    Do u know by chance if these are limited or anything? I mean, if they'll be around for awhile.....Hoping so..:sweatdrop: lol

  7. I'm really not sure.:shrugs:
  8. ^^Thx anyway!! ...and for all your help. Much appreciated! ;)
  9. I just bought thoese glasses. I love, love, love them. They are really cute, and very comfortable on. Here is a web picture of them.
  10. hmm these came out probably beginning of dec and they're new for chanel. this is the year of camilias. they're gonna basically focus more on camilias. but for the sunglasses, they have a black with a black gradient lense and there's the reflector gold and the reflector purple/blue lenses.
  11. Thx for the pic!! Ooo, and good to know that they're comfortable! :tup:

    Ahh, Thank U for all the info. :yes: That's good to hear that they're new. :tup:
  12. "LVCRAZED " no problem. I am loving mine. I just can't seem to get a sunny day, to wear them :sad:. It's snowing now in NY.
  13. Not sure if this is new sunnies, but it's fabulous!
  14. I saw a bunch at Neiman Marcus, I'm doubting they're limited. They should be around for a while. Let's hope since they're a beautiful style!
  15. these are HOT.... i am going to have to try these on... TODAY...lol