R Minkoff Morning After or Elisha?

  1. I have not seen any Minkoff bags in person, but all the posts are reeling me in. I love the Morning After bag but I do want a shoulder bag.

    Does anyone have an ELisha, and what do you think of it?
    Reviews of the Morning After are also welcome!
  2. What brand is the Elise? Are you talking about the RM Elisha?
  3. Yes, I meant the Elisha . sorry. I fixed my post.
  4. Oh ok! Yes I have the RM Morning After (the mini too!) and the Elisha as well.

    The Morning After is a great bag with clean simple lines, fun colors, and great leather. The simplicity of the design enables the bag to be considered timeless IMO. The bag can easily fit a bag lunch, makeup bag, wallet, planner, cell, ipod, and more.

    The Mini has all of the attributes listed above but is more compact in design. It can easily fit everything listed above, perhaps with the exception of the bag lunch.

    The Elisha is made of soft, scrumptious leather in a very simple yet elegant design. You can carry it by the handles or swing it over your shoulder. Interestingly, I think the bag takes on different looks, or personalities, if you will, with respect to differing colors. The Elisha in black looks super elegant and goes great with a crisp white shirt and tailored slacks for an easily well put together office look. The Elisha in Brown or Espresso is just as gorgeous but has a tad of the "bohemian feel" to it. I can see the bag being worn very prettily with cute jeans and a lacy/feminine/floral top.

    Im starting to realize that I may not have helped you that much! I own both bags and love them both! :nogood:
  5. I don't have an Elisha, but Kooba has wonderful leather and I love the look of the bag. I never thought about the Elisha being able to change looks, if you will, but can see it now that it is pointed out. There are lots of pictures of Elisha's in the Kooba forum and reviews, that may help you too (I've checked out b/c I really want a white one now!).
  6. ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!?!?!? Bagshopr, were you talking about the Rebecca Minkoff Elisha or the Kooba Elisha?
  7. Very good question, GUNG!
  8. I was talking about the Rebecca Minkoff Elisha. Thanks for all your reviews so far!
    I wish the Elisha came in green, or tomato because I love those "different" colors. From what I've seen on line, it just comes in black or brown.
  9. What a beautiful bag! From the side, she reminds me of my Balenciaga Twiggy. Am I right?
  10. MA!! love this bag.