R. Kelly

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  1. Someone just sent me this video on YouTube. It's for R. Kelly's new song, and apparently it was filmed in his house. The song itself is completely ridiculous; I can't decide whether it scares me or whether it's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Either way, I think he's lost his mind just a little bit...

  2. He is beyond crazy! I heard that he also has scheduled tour dates and he needs court approval to travel out of state and he hasn't even gotten that yet, totally nutty! His court case is going to trial finally this November, he is accused of having intercourse with a 14 year old. He is so dumb he recorded it all! Yikes total fruit cake!
  3. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of his Trapped In the Closet, Parts 1 - 500.

    I am a fan of his more 'normal' stuff, though:

    Same Girl feat. Usher
    Gigolo feat. Nick Cannon
    Bump and Grind
    When A Woman's Fed Up
    I Believe I Can Fly
  4. Oh Lawd.
    He gives crazy a bad name.
  5. ...HAHAH...I found it hilarious. Was it real though? And the part at the end? Staged?
  6. Yep! Crazy!!! Not music at all.....
  7. Yeah, I kind of assumed the part at the end was staged...but the song is definitely for real!
  8. I love it. I thought it was funny. he won't ever win a grammy but its good entertainment. LOL
  9. I thought it was funny. I've had a few of those "phone conversations" myself with my ex. Too funny.
  10. Attorneys begin questioning potential jurors in R. Kelly's pornography trial in Chicago

    By MICHAEL TARM Associated Press Writer
    CHICAGO May 12, 2008 (AP)
    The Associated Press

    Attorneys and the judge in R. Kelly's child pornography trial began questioning 150 potential jurors Monday, asking what they know about the allegations against one of urban music's biggest stars.

    The 41-year-old R&B singer, known for sexually charged hits like "Bump N' Grind," has pleaded not guilty to charges that he videotaped himself having sex with a girl as young as 13.

    Kelly remained pokerfaced Monday, appearing at times to scan the faces of the potential jurors and occasionally leaning over to speak with his lawyers.

    The selection of the 16 jurors, four of them alternates, will be key for both prosecutors and defense attorneys, said Steve Cron, a defense lawyer from Santa Monica, Calif., who has practiced for 35 years.

    "In a case where a celebrity has good and bad public images, it's critical," said Cron, who has no link to the Kelly case.

    It's unlikely the defense could pack the jury with R. Kelly fans, because "the prosecution should be successful in excluding them," he said.
    Prosecutors may seek well-educated jurors, which could help their cause if they call technical experts to speak about the videotape, he said.
    When the trial gets under way, prosecutors will face a daunting challenge: The girl believed to be on the videotape, who is now 23, says it wasn't her. And Kelly's lawyers — including prominent Chicago attorney Ed Genson — haven't conceded it's Kelly in the video.

    Prosecutors say the videotape was made between Jan. 1, 1998, and Nov. 1, 2000, and that the girl who appears in it was born in September 1984. Kelly was indicted on pornography charges June 5, 2002, after the tape surfaced.

    If jurors find the Grammy-winning artist guilty, he could go to prison for up to 15 years.

    On the first day of the trial Friday, Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan addressed the potential jurors.

    "As you know, this is a high-profile case," he said, according to court transcripts. "And if you don't know, God love you. You're probably the only person on Earth that doesn't."

    The first session lasted about 30 minutes, and reporters weren't allowed to attend.

    Kelly's lawyers had argued any jury pool has been tainted because of pretrial publicity.

    Defense attorney Marc Martin cited a front-page story in Friday's Chicago Sun-Times about a possible witness. Potential jurors, he said, could not have avoided seeing the article or hearing about it on radio or television.
    But the judge denied a defense motion to postpone the trial, which had already been delayed for six years, suggesting that jury selection could weed out any tainted jurors.

  11. took long enough
  12. Here's the thing . . . this is exactly like the Akon incident with the underage girl on stage, albeit this involves actual sex whereas the Akon thing involved simulated sex.

    The girl's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) should have known where she was.

    The bouncer should have checked her i.d. before she even saw him.

    She obviously wanted to be there.

    But the bottom line is, he did have sex with a 14 year old girl, which is considered statutory rape.
  13. it's not like you can mistake 99% of 14 year olds as being of age.. It's one thing if she was 17 because you can easily mistake a 17 year old for an 18 year old but FOURTEEN?!
  14. I agree, this took long enough.

    But, what I found funny was this: "It's unlikely the defense could pack the jury with R. Kelly fans, because "the prosecution should be successful in excluding them," he said."

    Are there really any true hard core fans of R. Kelly out there anymore? He does not seem to have done much in some time!
  15. I never got that whole 15 part "Trapped In The Closet" but I the most recent hit of his on my ipod is Same Girl, his 2007 hit with Usher.

    Then it just goes backwards from there:

    Ignition (Remix) - 2003
    When A Woman's Fed Up - 1998

    Calling myself a 'hardcore fan' would be stretching it, but I like some of his stuff.