R-e-v-e-a-l time! :)

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  1. anyone wants to know what's in this humongous shopping bag?

  2. I'm here! I want to know!!
  3. Oooh a live one! Show show!
  4. let's get down to business then.

  5. I'm here!!
  6. any guesses what may hide in this dustbag?

  7. OOH! A live one! Take it off!
    NF GM?
  8. Omg it looks big! Strip!
  9. trevi?
  10. I am here
  11. hahaha, the box and the dustbag might have had you fooled.


    mon mono speedy 35!
  12. Wow, so nice
  13. [​IMG]
    and this is what the beauty looks like without her clothes on. :smile:
  14. BEAUTIFUL!!! Modelling pics!
    Gorgeous color combination :nuts:
  15. Love it - congrats!