R-E-S-P-E-C-T the animals!!!!!

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  1. PETA to Aretha: Lose the Fur, Keep Your House
    Posted Mar 26th 2008 1:50PM by TMZ Staff
    PETA is trying to help out Aretha Franklin with that whole foreclosure mess she's in. The animal rights group has written a letter to the fur-ocious Queen of Soul offering to pay her $19,000 tax bill if she promises to never wear fur again and donate her unwanted furs to PETA - like Mariah Carey and Kim Cattrall have done.
    Aretha should know, fur is definitely out of fashion. Hasn't she seen all those shots of Paris and Britney getting out of cars?

  2. Thats awesome! Real fur is so gross:throwup:
  3. Isn't ironic though? spent all that money on fur and then turn around and the activist animal organizations want to pay off her debts!!
  4. i hope she accept the offer..:yes:
  5. There is the donate your Coats for Cubs campaign too - have you seen the website - I know alot of people going to do it
  6. Say NO to fur!
  7. Fur is nasty, hopefully she takes them up on their offer.
  8. Sounds like a fair deal. She should definitely accept it.
  9. I think that's more than fair!! I hope she does it!
  10. Hope she does it.
  11. She actually paid the bill already.:smile: