R-bils, mini-bils and a lucky bag of cheetos!!!

  1. How cute are they!!! I heart her:heart:.

  2. Aw, so cute, It's her stepsister right?
    Lovin' Rachel's Chanel, gorgeous!
  3. ^Oh yes forgot to mention, it's her sibling...got distracted by the chanel and bag of cheetos!!!!!!
  4. who is it?
  5. She alwyas has the best Chanel bags and I think she looks so down to earth and cute.
  6. I think it's Rachel Bilson (formerly of The OC)
  7. I thought there were going to be pictures of Britney Spears. It must have been the “Cheetos.”

    I hope she doesn’t get Cheeto dust on her gorgeous Chanel bag.
  8. I love how rachel look so unassuming, well aside from the chanel.