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  1. Sorry so many new questions. Lol. I am coming back to Dooney from having Coach for awhile.

    Do you all feel the bags on QVC are just as good and the same quality as Macys etc. ?

    I see some good deals on there!
  2. Yes, if the style is the same as in a dept store, then the quality is the same. That doesn't mean you won't find a defect in a handbag in either place. These handbags are mass produced, and I doubt each on is double checked by quality control.
    If Dooney does a unique style for QVC, then together with QVC they may have made some changes/trade-offs in the design... sometimes improvements (like extra outside pockets) or sometimes something you don't feel is an improvement to the design.
    Dooney doesn't have separate manufacturing for different retail channels. The quality is the same. Of course, the discount outlets may contain items in clearance that have known defects. Not often, but sometimes.
  3. Gottcha!! Thanks so much!!!
    I do see a few on QVC that have some details I have never seen at like Macys etc.
  4. Oh to live near the qvc outlet! IMG_1469825270.991419.jpg
  5. Omg I wish!! Lol!!!
    Where is it??
  6. It's in Pennsylvania
    Somewhere by Lancaster
    I believe it's on route 30 but not sure
  7. I've been there
    All the bags are in glass cases and squished together but for the rehab women, they could do wonders with these bags.
    Some were also by the front registers.
  8. Wish I lived closer to the Q outlet. I'd fill my trunk with new Dooneys. :smile:
  9. Ive been there also. The bags they had when I was there were mostly very old styles and yes, squished up in a case, not taken very good care of, and when you asked someone to open the case so you could have a look at the bags, they seemed a little put out. I haven't been in a few years as we moved away from that area, but there were also ( not locked up) millions of Tignanello and Bmakowsky bags.

    I would rather live near a Dooney outlet :biggrin:
  10. Oh wow!! I can't believe they keep them like that ☹️
  11. Um LJ, I think you are doing just fine filling that trunk without living near a Q outlet. :P
  12. Hmmm, that explains why I see so many Q bags popping up on eBay. It cracks me up when sellers leave that Q tag attached and then they say new with tags. Really, with that 30 day "rental" return policy? And clearly, many of them were used. Of course, there are some decent ones in the bunch but you have to look closely.
  13. Yes, i am not an eBay shopper, or even an eBay looker (ha) but I was thinking someone who lived near a QVC outlet could buy them up pretty cheaply then resell them easily ( to buyers who don't know better) I remember at the Q outlet they would frequently have 50% off their outlet prices for a day or two a month.
  14. That's what I think too . People go there and pay 89.00 and then polish them up and sell them for 150.00 and still make money.
    The store itself is very messy and unorganized. But my inlaws live out there so we stop in every time .
    The pa outlets not very far away is very nice. The nicest I've seen.
    I guess you can find a decent bag there at the qvc store but check very carefully.
    Sometimes things aren't worth the sale price.
  15. More like $250 and up from what I have seen. I guess I can't blame them. There will always be a buyer. But for us smart shoppers, it is always worth a call to the Dooney outlet before committing to an eBay purchase.