QVC Time! Who's here?


May 4, 2015
Just watched one of the shows from last weekend. Lots of Florentine styles, including a comeback of the medium front pocket satchel.

Also noticing 'new' colors returning ..... Florentine oyster (more bone/very light taupe than the pebbled leather version of oyster) and dusty blue (a true, soft blue). These color were part of the early Florentine collections and I'm delighted to see them back.

It's also great to see a larger number of colors in the Florentine collections, and some of the old and great styles return. Interesting to hear them promoting all the design details of the Florentine medium front pocket satchel.... tassels, whip stitching, pleating, belting.... especially after the more streamlined recent Florentine
styles and the Toscana line. What's old is new again. :smile:

I remember the days when they showed the small Florentine satchel in over a dozen colors. Hopefully they will come back again. If Florentine leather is produced in small batches, then an order from QVC can more than justify producing any/many colors. Dooney collectors are craving Florentine colors.... lavender, crimson, Bordeaux, fuchsia, to name a few. Dusty blue, aqua, pale greens are also in demand.
You are so right. I would love some of these older styles and colors to come back.
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Jan 5, 2013
Show on QVC2. The pink hydrangea zip zip is so pretty! Will wait for it to make its way to ILD :smile:.


Oct 7, 2017
Show on QVC2. The pink hydrangea zip zip is so pretty! Will wait for it to make its way to ILD :smile:.
I have a zip zip that is tan and has ivory hydrangeas. Got it on the ILD site I think last summer or maybe fall. Need to take it out since it is that time of year!
Aug 13, 2014
My red hydrangea on white background, satchel style, will be coming out next month. I love that bag!
I've seen the Dooney hydrangea pattern in pink and bone and blue, but never in red. That sounds like an amazing color choice for this handbag. Can't wait for your reveal. Congratulations on your find.