QVC Returns

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  1. This is a griping post so if you don't want to see it read no more!

    I sent back my daughter's logo lock hobo 3 weeks ago since she just wasn't loving it. I dropped it off at UPS thinking it was supposed to go out through them but it turns out that returns go through the USPS. Anyway, they reported that they sent it to the post office 2 days later but for some reason it wasn't scanned until the 22nd. I just received notification from QVC that my refund has been issued today minus shipping cost but the money still isn't on my card. The automated message tells me it may take up to 60 days to appear on my statement. OMG. This is ridiculous. Is this the standard?
  2. The two billing cycles to show up in your account is standard. Sorry. The good news is, it usually doesn't take that long.
  3. I feel like I see the credit show up within a week of getting that email notification that they have processed the return. Maybe just check your account every few days or so. Good luck :smile:
  4. That makes me feel a lot better! 60 days seemed like a LONG time!