Qvc one day only dooney bag

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  1. Is anyone buying the one day only dooney on qvc for today? I thought of it but the outlets will get it sooner or later? Any thoughts on this bag?
  2. MJ: thanks for the heads up. I'm passing, although I love the leather. I think I prefer the regular size Dawson.
  3. Lj, is this bag the small or large. I only have the breena,so I haven't seen these Barlow and city bags in person. I think the breena could be a little taller but I still love it and think it covers all those bags and therefore I don't need it.
  4. Pretty bag! I kind of want one.
  5. Ladies, the bag is on ILD for a little less.
  6. Did you all see this?$uslarge$
  7. YD: love the style, but I don't think I want any more saffiano.
  8. MJ: the measurements on the City collection can be very misleading. You lose space because the bag is structured and between the snap closure and the outside pockets that seem to encroach on the upper half of the center compartment.

    I just moved my things into the Small Barlow and it's just big enough.... but it's not a really comfortable fit. The top part of my eye glass case is squashed when I snap the center compartment closed. And the small Barlow has a wider base, I think, than the Dawson with the zipper pockets on the outside.

    I think you need to look at all the measurements to get a feel for the size of the bag, and then remember that if the base isn't wide enough or the height isn't tall enough, you will lose space.

    I won't be buying another Small Barlow. I'm moving up to the regular Barlow for future purchases. I think the large may be too big, but I'm not sure. The bags look bigger than the space they provide.
  9. The large Barlow looks enormous to me. Check out the shots on the models. The bag is huge. I remember the SA's in Westchester saying that as well. I agree, the regular size is the way to go I think.

  10. MJ: I checked the measurements of the Dawson on the Dooney site.... It has the same base width of 7" as the small Barlow, but the Dawson is 2 " taller and 2" wider. I think it would be a better size than the small Barlow. The regular Barlow has a deeper base and is shorter than the Dawson. For me, that might be better because I don't like very deep N/S handbags. I'd have to see them in person to know for sure.
  11. Here is a comparison of the small citi croco and the small dawson, if it helps. I haven't carried th the small one yet. I love the look of the dawson, but for me she is bulky and kind of awkward to carry. I should have sent her back, but her beauty won me over.

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  12. I really like this bag style but I think I have to "try it on".
    MrsKC, your crocodile bags were what made me like this style.
  13. Hi MJ :smile::smile: yes Dooney croco is lovely. of my favorites from them. Ok, if you try one on and love it let us know!
    I think I would like to try one in the smooth leather without pockets....just not sure when....
  14. Darn, let's face it, they are all nice !!!
  15. Agree! ! This is why we have so many.
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