QVC/HSN anyone

  1. Ok, anyone wants to fess up? Who here on the Purse Forum is Addicted to QVC/HSN. What was the first item you ever bought? and Why do you continue shopping? What do you find yourself consistently buying? And who do you prefer better QVC or HSN? (It's like asking if you like Coke of Pepsi LOL.)

    If you don't shop them, why not?

    Just a thought, I know now in the cable/computer age, more and more people are preferring to shop online or via TV.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. I'm completely loopy for QVC. I don't care much for HSN. QVC has better vendors IMO. We have a call center here in San Antonio and I actually had a part-time job there many years ago. That's when I was first introduced to them. My wallet hasn't been the same since! :p

    As a matter of fact, I just finished watching Bobbi Brown cosmetics and the UPS man paid me a visit while I was watching! :shame:
  3. I'm not personally addicted to QVC, but my future MIL is. Anytime there is some sort of "silver" special/bonanza, etc. she can be counted on purchasing quite a few things.

    The most surprising thing was over the holidays, they were running some sort of crab cake promotion, and my future FIL picked up the phone, and ordered them. It just struck me as being funny because he is so used to his wife calling that he spouted off their member number from memory. I thought it was TOO funny.
  4. I don't shop them, like the internet which I don't buy from either.

    I like to personally, physically shop for a product (to see, feel, smell etc.) and also reaping whatever exercise benefits I can in doing so.
  5. OK, this is embarassing to admit but my friend and I actually took 1/2 days off work the last time they had a 24-hour silver jewelry event! :nogood: At least I wasn't alone in my madness.
  6. i love qvc .. not a huge fan of hsn.

    i think the first thing i bought from qvc was a pair of gold earrings.
    i love to watch it , but tend to not buy many things from them other then jewelry.
    they do carry a brand of shoes called sofft, one of the most comfortablde shoes ever. today i just received my new sofft black suede booties.. so comfortbale. that is one item i always but from QVC ,because of there good return policy.

    i also am an acct ecexutive in home decor and manage the QVC brand... look out for some great kitchen stuff in april!!!
  7. i personally know that many people call out of work when they have their christmas in july shows... lol it's like the female's superbowl.
  8. I don't really shop but I love to watch. Especially the makeup/skincare shows.
  9. HSN has better deals, but QVC has better products IMO. I've shopped from both of their websites, but I never watch it on tv....
  10. I've shopped both over the years but sparingly. I cannot stand the show hosts. I find them very annoying and fake. I prefer to touch and feel what I'm buying.
  11. I used to love QVC. Especially their jewelry. Occasionally bought jackets or skirts from them too. But it seems like starting a few years ago their quality took a dive. And when I'd order I'd often get items that were used/crumpled/not-the-size-I-ordered. Got to be more of a hassle than a convenience. I rarely buy from them anymore, which is good for my pocketbook. Although I occasionally have a kitsch attack and order like a hot-pink poodle jacket with sequins. :nuts:
  12. I looove QVC! I'm a total addict with the kitchen gadgets. I love love love In the Kitchen with Bob on Sundays.
    Plus I wear Bare Escentuals, so I always tune in when they have shows.
  13. I used to have QVC on constantly, and would go to bed/sleep with the TV on. :blush:
  14. How funny you say that! I used to put the tv on qvc when my son was a baby/toddler and he would go right to sleep. I don't know if it's the monotone-y voice of the hostess or just sheer boredom! When there's nothing else on, I will sometimes click over on it to see what's on. I've ordered some judith ripka jewelry and some kitchen stuff. I've never watched hsn.
  15. I like QVC and HSN is okay. I don't normally buy from the shows, but will order online occasionally. I tend to watch shows that are train-wreckish though, such as some of the clothing shows on HSN. I can't help myself. One of the channels sells a line of clothing w/ glitter, sequins, tons of embellishments and for some reason, I have difficulty changing the channel when that is on. I can't look away! I have a thing for jewelry shopping channels too. I keep them on when I clean the house.