QVC Easy Pay

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  1. Tuesday Feb. 2 only, all items are on 4 easy pay payments. So, if you have jewelry, electronics, handbags, clothes, makeup, might be the time to get the item!:biggrin:
  2. thanks for posting this!!!
  3. you are very welcome!
  4. thanks... I was looking to get a new flat screen!!!! Gotta love easy pay
  5. I got a pair of Judith Ripka earrings!
  6. I never noticed until now, Judith Ripka has some nice pieces :smile:
  7. ^^ yes, she really does have lovely pieces. If you haven't tried her beautiful jewelry, now would be the time to try something out! I have bought several pieces of jewelry from her collection and it is fabulous. If you need recommendations, let me know!
  8. Thanks for sharing! I have some Bixby and Ripka jewelry on my wish list. Time to buy! :smile:
  9. QVC considers easy pay to be a form of a sale.

    I'm all for easy pay but they could at least toss in free shipping too.

    They are one of the only e-tailers out there that don't give any incentives to their customers; no discount codes, free shipping, etc.

    They even charge $36 dollars for their "insider" magazine.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE QVC but my shopping with them is down to TSV's only.
  10. Don't forget to go through and get 4% ********. It's not much, but it's something. ;)
  11. I love their TSV's - I get two Philosophy sets that Sephora and the Philosophy website can't compete with (including their free shipping and/or 20% off deals). I also like their supersize stuff. But you really have to watch their prices, some aren't so great when you figure in their shipping...
  12. The upcoming Philosophy TSV is a good one.

    SuperSized Purity Made Simple
    SuperSized Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
    SuperSized Oxygen Peel

    It's 85 dollars (100 with tax and shipping)^A201477,frames^y,from^se,cm_scid^isrc,cm_ssi^Item:%20A201477&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-A201477

    It's on 4 easy pays today too.
  13. sometimes they offer free shipping, but it is very rare. I wish they would have discount codes too. I think part of it is that designers don't want their stuff too discounted in comparision to their main lines.
  14. Thanks!
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    That's a great one! TFS!