QVC Dooney Board Refugees, Please Check in here!

  1. I know many of us have signed on here, so please post your new nickname and your "DF" handle so that we will know who you are!!

    I'm "SarahW" on the DF! :wave:

    I hope the new Dooney section here on TPF is set up soon!!
  2. Hi SarahW. My nic here is the same as it was on the Q board. I guess I may be the red-headed step child of the forum since I didn't post as much as other ladies, but I just love you ladies......
  3. Glad you are here GG, and of course Sarah too. My nic is also the same here as at the Q.
  4. Hi Aprimo! :yahoo:
  5. Hi, y'all!! I'm waiting on tonight's 12 DoD...SATCHELS!! YAY. (And GG, there is no way you are any "step child". LOL)
  6. Hi everyone ! I'm rosiemoto on the q board. Unfortunately I'm stuck with this username over here that I've had a long time!
  7. Hi Rosie!! I signed up here a few months ago and IIRC, SarahW was already taken. I decided on MiaBorsa, which is Italian for "my purse." :cool:
  8. I am waiting on them too since it looks like I am going to be S-O-L with my fucshia. I can't understand why dot com is being stoopid with my card
  9. I thought I read somewhere that you could change it? I got lucky that no one had mine.......there are a lot of gator lovers out there
  10. I was actually trying to be cute with mine and do something with my german heritage but the three I had chosen, were either taken or I couldn't spell them closely enough for anyone to figure out
  11. :bump: Where is everyone??
  12. Idk. Some of them may be at church still
  13. I'm here. Hi, everyone!


    I just got done ordering a seafoam dillen bag from Day 3. I hope I like it. Day four is up now and I don't want anything.
  14. Hey CL. Oooh, that seafoam is such a pretty color. I'm regretting not buying the florentine drawstring on day 1, so I hope they have a "recap" day like they did last year.
  15. Hello Ladies, I'm happy to finally have a 'home'.

    Anyway, I'm absolutely loving the pebble grain satchel from Day 4. I cannot decide on the color: Red, Honey or Ivy Green. So confused, I dont own any of these in my purse wardrobe. The red does look mouthwatering! dont know what to do.