QVC Discontinues Florentine Vacchetta Satchel

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  1. Hi everyone - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and maybe the universe is harking back at me for calling out the company, but the D&B Florentine Leather Satchel has been discontinued as a sale item on QVC. I chatted online with Richard from QVC and he confirmed that the company, D&B, no longer will sell this bag on QVC, discontinued. For those of you who, like myself, were pining to get a new color or a specific color (Salmon in medium for me) with their amazing and affordable easy pay option, we are fresh out of luck on that one. :rain::rain::rain::rain:
  2. :sad:
  3. :sad:
  4. Seems it's getting harder and harder to find the bags we want. Every time I read something like this or hear of Dooney closing a store or taking Alto out of the outlets, I think..... I should have bought more when I saw them!
  5. Whoa.....because we don't have enough LJ? :lol: I was recently thinking that I probably had enough bags to last the rest of my lifetime.

    Maybe we should all take a breather to determine which bags are the "choice bags" in a given year and focus on those acquisitions. I know I get hung up sometimes on seeing a good sale versus did I really really want that bag. There will always be new bags and new styles to covet. I am going to try once I get the lizard bag purchase figured out. Fingers crossed.:rolleyes:
  6. Well, let's face it. The florentine satchel has been around for over 5 years now, so it has been slowly phased out almost everywhere. I'm not surprised that Q isn't carrying it anymore; I haven't seen a presentation of that bag in at least a year. I never see them in department stores around here either.
  7. I am glad I got my florentine satchels and other florentine bags when they were available. I have all of the Coach and Dooney I will be getting. I bought the colors in the styles I wanted so I feel like that is all of those brands I need.

    Florentine is so pretty.:smile:

  8. Oddly enough, yesterday when I bought my pebbled hobo at Macy's, they had two Flo satchels in Natural. One medium and one small. I was at another Macy's a couple of weeks ago and didn't see any.
  9. My local Macy's doesn't have any florentines at all any more, and very few of other Dooneys. Today I noticed that the Coach section was totally GONE. Seems like Michael Kors has taken over that store.

  10. I agree. My Macy's Dooney section is definitely smaller than Michael Kors. His section is very big. Coach is still well represented, but I wonder for how long. It's annoying because even Nordstrom's Dooney section has seemed to really shrink. I have to go to Reading, Pa. for a Dooney outlet, and it's a distance from where I live in Maryland. I just hope Dooney isn't going to disappear from retail stores. [emoji26]
  11. I guess I could see it coming since they never present it anymore. I thought it was popular still so I'm a little surprised. It does seem like it's a style Dooney is not really putting the spotlight in anymore.
  12. It is still featured on the dooney website in the main billboard (Dooney classic style) though it may not be the small satchel.
  13. Maybe it's going the way of the all weather leather collection and will have a small presence as a "classic" on their website. I haven't been in a boutique store in a while so I don't know whether they still carry much florentine.
  14. Mia: last time I was in the Boutique store, there was very little Florentine of any kind. Just a small display of random styles/colors near the cash desk and a few pieces of the made in America in another corner. Of course, they closed that store 2 months later But the overall volume of handbags was very good and they were featuring the City Collection, the Alto, and other pebbled leather styles. The older collections, like Florentine, have very limited colors and styles... I don't think there were more than 8 Florentine items in all.
  15. Should we now consider our Florentines as a collectors item? I'll never get rid of most of my Florentines anyway.
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