QVC alert!!

  1. For those of you who want to try QVC's EZpay, every single thing on their website today is offered for 5 monthly payments!! Founders Day or something........

    Anyway, they have tons of Dooney, all on 5 EZPays. So check it out!
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. Oh man, I wonder how many christmas presents I can knock out this way, thanks so much for the heads up!
  4. I never thought I would buy another Dooney but I did order the denim hobo with wristlet last night. You cant beat 5 easypays!

    About 11 of the bags I was really interested in are sold out though, so you girls need to get your orders in.
  5. Thanks for the info! Be careful though, the signature heart slouch is actually cheaper on dooney's web site (in the specials section).
  6. I am sooooo excited........QVC runs "lunchtime specials" every week day from 11-3, and the rare occasions they feature a dooney, I can't even click on it before it's sold out. Well, today must be my lucky day........I got a signature tapestry barrel bag, in light mint green with gorgeous mint green leather trim, for--

    $76!!!!!! And on 5 ez pays!!!!! I am thrilled!

    And yes, I know how sad it is that a purse can excite me so much :nuts:.
  7. Lunchtime specials?! I totally need to remember that. That's a fab deal you got!
  8. Yes, sadly, I have gotten in the habit of logging on to their site at exactly 11AM, because the Dooney's sell out so fast at those prices. I'm still pretty giddy over it, LOL!

    I also went on waitlist for item A18600, bubble print bucket bag, which is priced at $127, and I had a credit of around $40, so with shipping I got that one for $99. I'll try to attach a picture:
  9. And I think I can post a picture of the mint barrel....
  10. thanks for the info