Qustions about the french purse

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  1. I think i may have decided on the french purse! just 2 questions, can you fit additional cards into the coin compartment and is there any way possible to fit a passport , it could just go in between the two flaps when you button it? oh and pomme or damier for a guy i know you'd probably say damier but i am so bored with damier i open my bag and see damier and 2 monogram, im bored.
  2. I like the French purse! I just wonder if coins fall out of the coin compartment? (I don't have one.) I really like it in Damier but I also love it in framboise (probably not the best colour for you, though!) Maybe pearl?
  3. u could store the extra cc in the coin compartment...but i wont think u can put the passport inside FP...
  4. I've got the framboise and it's so useful. The newer version of the french comes with 8 credit card slots now.
  5. ^ I know the Azur & mono got 8 CC slots now, but how about Vernis FP? I always want a Vernis FP in the new color.
  6. I have the FP in Pomme, only 4 slots, beautiful but I need more slots! LOL
    inside pomme 2.jpg pomme side.jpg pomme change.jpg pomme outside 2.jpg inside pomme 5.jpg
  7. i love the french purse!!! definitely you can't fit a passport in between the 2 flaps and the coin compartment is big enough to store a few cards.