Qustion re Dolce & Gabbana

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  1. Is it true that Dolce & Gabbana mainline does not have the hologram tag, and it is only the D&G line that has this? I am looking at a dress that appears auth, seller is reputable but it is mainline with the hologram tag so I am a little confused :confused1:
    Any help/advice appreciated, thanks :flowers:
  2. As for I as I know both lines have the monogram sticker.
  3. Ok thanks. I am just worried because I won the dress but someone who has written a guide on Ebay about authenticating D&G has told me that mainline Dolce & Gabbana definitely does not have the hologram tag?? :confused1:
    Does anyone else agree/disagree?
    Do you think if I took the dress into a D&G store they would be able to tell me if its real or not?
  4. You should call a store and ask them if they have the hologram sticker