Quoting other members.

  1. Is there any way we can be notified when someone quotes us in their posts? I always miss when someone refers to me in their post because I dont think to look back at it. By the time I do see it its really too late to reply.
  2. Thats an interresting idea.
  3. Humm... interesting but I'm not sure if or how that could work. Let's see if Vlad knows...

  4. You have to setup so-called "thread subscriptions". Go to your User CP, go to Edit Options, then set your "Default Thread Subscription Mode" to whatever you prefer. One you set it, you will be notified once a person responds to your reply.
  5. I feel like this little monkey is always telling us we are mis-behaving:lol:
  6. Thanks Vlad!
  7. Thanks Vlad!