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  1. i don't know if this is already a possibilty and i just haven't figured it out.

    when i press quote i am automatically taken to a reply box with my quoted post...no matter where i am in the thread, so sometimes i end up at a reply box before i am ready to reply to the thread. i've taken to quoting things and opening it in new tabs so i can just copy and paste when i am ready to post.

    on another board i frequent we have a reply and a quote button. the quote just selects the post and stores it and you can select a whole bunch of different posts and then go to 'add reply' and all your selected quoted topics are sitting in your add new post text area. and the reply button works exactly how our quote button works now.

    i dont know if this is possible, im' accustomed to new tabbing my quotes to compile them later but it'd be nice if i didn't have to!
  2. [​IMG]

    You can use this multi-quote button to select several posts. When you click on


    afterwards, all the selected posts will be visible for you to reply to.
  3. i LOVE that new feature!!!!!
  4. It's actually been around for a few months now. ;)
  5. oh awesome, i didn't realise that was what that button meant! since...i never actually hovered over it before now, oops
  6. How exactly does the multi-quote work again?
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    I can't find the multi-quote button. :confused1:
  8. it's been gone awhile :sad: it was great!

  9. Oh no. Thanks Swanky Mama, I thought I was going blind.
  10. I bet if we beg and then beg again and again maybe we can get it back!! It is the holidays afterall :smile:
  11. I'll certainly join you in the begging. :tup: When I'm answering comments from overnight it ends up taking 5 or 6 posts and it looks like I'm hogging the thread. :shrugs:
  12. LOL! I think it may be a resource hog?

  13. But it's Christmas :flowers:
  14. Darn, I didn't realize this was an old thread. I got so excited when I thought the multi-quote button was back. LOL
  15. Hmm I may get it to work again.