Quote Dialogue

  1. Here's a new game that should be fun and challenging.
    Someone leaves a quote, from a song, movie, or TV show.
    The next person answers back with another quote.
    Next person from there answers back with another quote.

    I'll start first:

    "[SIZE=-1]"Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?"
    Jessica Simpson
    The Newlyweds
  2. Here's an example:

    the quote:

    "I like bit butts and I cannot lie"
    artist: Sir Mix a Lot
    song: Baby got back

    the reply:
    "Oh My God!"
    character: Janice
    show: Friends. Chandler's girlfriend.

    the reply:
    "Jesus Take the Wheel"
    artist: Carrie Underwood
    song: Jesus Take the Wheel

    Hope everyone get's it now. You just keep keep the conversation going by adding a new famous quote as a response (in a convo)

    So yes, again we'll start with mine:
    "[SIZE=-1]Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?"
    artist: Jessica Simpson
    show: The Newlyweds [/SIZE]
  3. "You were serious about that?!"

    actress: Marissa Tomei
    movie: My Cousin Vinny
  4. "Let Me Be!"

    artist: Britney Spears
    song: Let Me Be
  5. "I don't think so"

    Jerry Seinfeld...in the episode where George wants him to pretend that he runs a latex factory in his apartment
  6. "I am sick, sick, sick of this sh*t,
    and when I'm not sick, I'm tired.
    I am sick and tired."

    Ruby - Monster In Law
  7. "Hakuna Matata"

    The Lion King
    Timon and Pumba!
  8. "What a wonderful thing!"

    The Lion King
    Timon and Pumba
  9. "I have confidence in me!"

    Maria (Julie Andrews)
    Sound of Music
  10. "No Really?"
  11. "Do you really want to hurt me?"

    Boy George...I think he sang that song...right?
  12. "***** you have no future!"

    Kill Bill, when Beatrix Kiddo is about to kill Ellen Drive.
  13. "Its a f*cked up situation"
    Eminem + Dido - Stan
  14. "I have an addiction sir!!"

  15. "Sort It Out"

    - Maid In Manhattan