Quitting smoking and clearing your lungs

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  1. I read that cardio helps a lot with clearing your lungs out, that's obvious though. The other thing was honey. Apparently consuming a tablespoon a day helps with the removal of the tar. Has anyone tried this?
  2. As a former smoker, I found excessive onions (usually in soups) helpful.
  3. I think even without doing anything your lung will eventually clear up if you dont smoke anymore.
  4. really? I know plenty of people resort to sunflower seeds and such for the oral fixation I suppose. I like the early morning runner's high personally.
  5. I've never heard about the honey but if you're looking for some articles about quiting smoking here is one: https://quitsmokingcommunity.org/smokers-lungs/
    I've seen the articles that after a week without cigarette breath comes back to normal.
  6. Your body will switch from keratinized epithelium to ciliated epithelium over a period of time (assuming you don't have cancer). This will allow you to move mucus, esp when you wake up.
  7. i heard of the goodness of manuka honey. but is so expensive as it is only found in New Zealand
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