Quitting Coffee

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  1. Okay, I am at my wit's end!
    I have been trying to quit coffee and I made it halfway thru the second day, and now I've broken down and made 2 cups.
    I can't stand the headache....seriously, it's torture.
    Any suggestions on a way to quit caffeine w/o such awful withdrawl symptoms? :confused1:
  2. how bout a nice cup of coffee?

    tee hee.

    I really don't know what advice to give cause I am totally addicted to coffee. I tried to quit once too but got terrible headaches. I think drinking plenty of water helps. Other than that, you just gotta ride it out I think. Maybe eating some good dark chocolate?
  3. I was addicted to coffee a while back too and went to my doctor about it. She told me there's nothing that can be done to stop the headaches other than taking an advil and suffering through it.

    They go away after a while and you'll feel way better for it in the long run.

    I've been off coffee for about a year now and I feel WAY better day to day.
  4. I was up to about 8-10 cups a day at a point - and quit cold turkey - yes, the first week was a little tough - but now (about 2 months later) - i feel 100 times better and not needing to relay on that cup to get me thru my day feels so good

    i wouldn't recommend chocolate - substituting caffine with more caffine

    there really isnt many ways to get around it - just bear it for a week or so and it will be totally worth it!
  5. How about start off by mixing half caf and half decaf to ween you off coffee.
  6. that's what I was going to suggest, may be try gradually weaning yourself off coffee
  7. I, too, quit coffee (and tea, and cola that isn't decaf) about a month ago. I did it for other health reasons which were making me so miserable that if I had bad headaches or other withdrawal symptoms I didn't notice. I do recall how a few months back, on the weekends when I didn't have the office coffee pot to rely on, my head would scream all day long if I didn't have my usual three or four weekday morning (and sometimes afternoon) cups. Now that I've kicked the habit it feels good not being dependent on it.

    Caffeine is a hell of a drug.
  8. I think the half/half is a good idea the 1/4 to 3/4 decaf for a while, hopefully get full change to decaf!
    I changed to decaf overnight some years ago without any effects at all but then I really wasn't addicted & only would have had one cup at breakfast anyway.
  9. Yes, that is the best way to go. The withdrawal headaches are the worst.

    Get some strong flavored decaf and keep cutting back on the caffeinated every week.
  10. I couldnt survive without my daily Starbucks fix...LMAO!
    U R SO BRAVE!good luck!!
  11. Just like withdrawl of any other substance, titrate down. Day one, your normal amount, day two, 7/8 of your normal amount, and so on. Good luck, I tried it and my co-workers make me start back up cause I was intolerable to be around.
  12. You are all so helpful! I'm going to do what you suggested, Irish gal....I think slowly reducing my amount is the best way to go.
    I've already tried drinking more water than usual and I have to tell you, already I can tell I have more energy than usual. And I feel less hungry, oddly.
    Everyone here is the best. I love PF! Thanks for all of your good ideas!
    HUGS! :heart:
  13. I found that since changing jobs and not having excellent quality coffee at arms reach, I dont even touch the stuff.

    I have found that for me it was very much a lifestyle thing. Perhaps if you tried not to go near coffee-shops or chewed gum or something it would help...
  14. As odd as it may sound, headaches may be caused by washing your hair / leaving your hair wet for a long period of time.
    Do you usually wash your hair and go straight to bed, or wash your hair in the morning and go out with wet hair?

    I used to have headaches periodically. During the last 2 weeks I've been trying to keep my hair as dry as possible before getting out. Believe it or not, my head does feel a lot lighter.
  15. advil and tea or some substitute.

    everytime you want to reach for coffee, get a substitute instead like juice and an advil. HEHEHEHE
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