Quitting a steady good paying job - What would you do?

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  1. I am so torn right now. I've been moving forward in my career pretty rapidly. I have been working for the same company for over six years now and I am on my third job here. It's steady, pays well and my co-workers are lovely... but lately I've been feeling I am missing something. I just don't feel fulfilled with my job, I don't feel challenged anymore. And since there is a major reorganisation going on with possibly a lot of lay offs (not directly towards my current job by the way), people are sticking to what they know and I don't see any opportunities to move onto the next gig here anytime soon.

    So I've been offered a job somewhere else. It pays better, it's a really good fit and it offers a lot of challenges to help my develop as a person and as a professional. The thing is though...they arn't able to offer me any steadiness. They can offer my a contract for a year, but they don't know if they'll be able to continue working with me after that. So what would you do? Would you go for the security of a steady job or would you risk it for a job that you find more fulfilling? I do have a family and a mortgage and stuff so I do have my financial responsibilities. I Would love to hear what you would do in this situation!

    (Excuse the grammer, I live in a non-english speaking country.)
  2. I think I would wait out the reorg and try to find fulfillment outside the job.

    The reorg may bring new opportunities for you. The contract may be available in another form when you need it.

    I wouldn't expect to find complete fulfillment working for an employer. I would try to find that with my own projects, for example, a side business or volunteer work.

    Unless the current job is highly unsatisfactory. Or the contract pays a lot more. Then I would more seriously consider making a move.
  3. It's a toughie when you have a family and mortgage.

    If I were you, I would sit down with my partner and discuss the two options. I would see how comfortable they'd feel with the second job being unstable. I would present how I feel about the current job and the missing "fulfillment" and how the (if the new job would absolutely do this, this is also a self reflecting moment) new job would give that fulfillment the current job doesn't.

    The pros and cons would be discussed including what is going to be effected and together a decision will be made.
  4. It depends on the new company's culture and where you're at financially. How do they treat contractors? Are they included in events and company-wide meetings? Do you have an emergency fund? Will you have health coverage? Is the contract rate high enough to give you cushion financially? Personally, I'll take a good contract over a bad FTE spot every single time, but it really depends on you.
  5. +1

    excellent advice
  6. Take the opportunity, or you'll never know. The moment you settle for something .. You are selling yourself short. If you don't take this chance you'll never know, and will probably regret it.
  7. You said the new job pays better. How much "better" and is it worth the loss of job security? Do you have an emergency fund "just in case" the new job doesn't work out or the contract doesn't get renewed? How does your partner and/or family feel about the situation?

    I have a mortgage and family too so personally, I would only take the risk if the gain is a LOT more than I would lose, if both my husband and I agree with the possible outcome and most importantly, if I already have an emergency fund set aside first. I know this probably doesn't answer your question because it's really a tough one but I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.
  8. Thank you so much for your input guys! You made some excellent points which I will definitely take into consideration. I was supposed to have the contract negotiations tomorrow, but had to postpone it because I was struck by a horrible flu. I am really disappointed, because I am obviously very curious to see how far I will be able to push it. I doubt they'll be able to find anyone who's more suitable for the job then me, so I plan to aim high... so who knows. I can always decline if I decide it's not worth the risk. Job security is a difficult thing to find these days. But I will be able to put in less hours and spend more time with my family. That's sort of a thing as well. My partner fully supports whatever decision I decide to make. I did something like this before. I actually quit a job once that I was unhappy with without having a new job lined up. He trusted my judgement and I actually landed a job at my current company the next day. So he pretty much believes it will turn out fine in the end, no matter what I decide to do.
  9. I would you go for the security of job, because you have the financial responsibilities. Job security can be stressful sometimes!
  10. I'm nearly ready to retire. I've spent years tearing my guts out for financial security. I'm sorry I didn't take more risks or try something that would fulfill me. But I'm now working at something that might be considered meaningless & not high paying & I'm happy. I could kick myself for taking myself so seriously for so many years.
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  11. If I were you I'd take the offer if it is really all way better than the current job. The only job security you've nowadays is keeping your skills up to date by challening yourself constantly. Your skills are a product after all and employers want the latest products available on the market. You have a husband supporting you financially and you can always renegotiate mortage though it means extra costs.

    Just be sure that the offer of "job somewhere else" is not proposed by your current employer's competitor or there's a chance to be opted out from the field directly to unemployment after a year (non-compete clause). Some employers use dirty tricks to eliminate their competitors top performers.
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