Quiting my JOB!

  1. Hey Guys..
    In about 30 min im going to give in my resignation to my boss.. hes going to freak out....I've been here for 3 years already..wish me luck...:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Good Luck!! It's a great feeling to see the look of shock on their faces he he
  3. Why? I hope you have something better lined up.
  4. Good luck!

    Can I ask why you've chosen to leave?
  5. There are a ton of reasons but mainly school.
    I do not have something better currently but there are things on the horizon im not terrible worried
  6. Okay :smile: Well, I hope that things go well for you in the future and that you do well in school :smile:
  7. I hope everything goes well. :yes:
  8. Well its a little late now but I hope it went well!
  9. Good on you, Rella!

    Employers think they can treat us like the lowest of robot hampsters.

    They are building stock portfolios while we are doing all the work to make a profit for the business.

    Good luck on your next front!
  10. How'd it go?
  11. Good luck!!! How it go????
  12. How did it go?
  13. Little late here too. I hope everything worked out for you. Keep us posted.
  14. that's a great feeling! how did it go???
  15. I know how you feel...I wanna quit real bad myself! How did everything turn out?